Friday, 5 September 2014

Slow progress... But we are on it again!

Just to let everyone know that work has been resumed on this scenery pack. We hope to release an update during this month of September. NO PROMISES :)


  1. Good news!
    What about this one: ?

    Regards, Max

    1. Hello Max,

      That's not work from us. That other scenery, judging by the pictures, will work with our project and add further detail to Lisboa.

      Our project consists in covering Portugal with a fair resolution photo scenery.

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  2. Vai haver compatibilidade com FS9? Tinham dito que o mesmo não estava esquecido na vossa pagina do Facebook

  3. Boa tarde,

    Não sei quem terá mencionado compatibilidade com FS9, mas não pode ter sido nenhum dos developers dado que não suportamos essa plataforma. Lamentamos mas o FS9 está 'dead & buried' e não vamos investir tempo numa plataforma assim.


  4. Pelo menos ao nível de landmarks... e a palavra dead ainda não se aplica ao FS9, de todo...

  5. Hi PTSceneries,

    I just read a very pleasant post from you on the AirDailyX site claiming my product is a 99% copy from yours... Are you claiming I am stealing from you? Also, I find it very strange instead of contacting me directly first you go ahead and post rumours on ADX.

    I have spent over 500 hours on my project and have never heard of PTSceneries before I read your post on ADX, so it is extremely unfortunate that you go ahead and post lies just like that.

    When my scenery is released, I invite you, or anybody, to compare the two sceneries and make up their mind if I've been stealing or not, until then, I would advise you to keep these sort of comments to yourself, or as you should have done in the first place, you can contact me directly on

    Best regards,
    Andreas Bachmann
    Latin Enhance

  6. Andreas,

    We are not CLAIMING it is a copy. We said it looks 99% like our stuff, with added content and obviously we will verify this as we have several 'marks' that can easily identify copies. We do this for our protection, nothing else, because even if all our work is free, we still don't want someone else to copy it as being theirs.

    We posted on ADX because that's where we first saw the news, we're not trying to be aggressive or trying to bring your work down (you can actually see a post from us here stating what we think about your stuff).

    There is more than one person involved in this scenery production, some are more fiery than others and tend to post more aggressively, we're only human.

    Meanwhile have fun building Lisboa, we have been SLOWLY working on our complete Portugal since 2012 and hope to finish it by the end of 2015.

  7. It looks like your claiming theft to me by the way you are writing...

    Quote PTSceneries...

    "The autogen is on the exact same spots as ours, and we know them by heart since we were the ones who put them there one by one throughout many months of work. We are not 100% positive it is a straight copy, but is surely looks like it"

    Even if you saw it on ADX doesn't mean it's right to post stuff you know nothing about. If you had the respect to even send me an email first I would happily send you comparison photos and you could see for yourself that this work is 100% mine alone. I don't even have your scenery on my machine.

    I understand you are only human and people post stuff without thinking, so please be "human" by removing the post in ADX. I would be furious if someone copied my stuff and put it on the website claiming it is theirs, but I would most definitely gather SOLID proof and contacting the author BEFORE spreading rumors on the social network.

    Best regards,
    Andreas Bachmann