Sunday, 15 May 2016

Our FINAL update (Finally!)

Yes, after some long years in the making, in our own free time (mostly just ONE person), we are finalizing our last update which should be done in about a week or so.

We have also fixed the water issue near Aveiro (sorry about that) and we will release a new torrent stream with all the files for an easier installation. All files will be reorganized and reuploaded to MEGA once the last files are ready and tested. This will obviously take a long time, so it'll be done after the torrent has enough seeds so we can spare some bandwidth for uploading it again.

Expect to hear from us soon, with news about the completion of the project.

Wow, at last :)


  1. first of all, good work!!!
    does it Works on p3d v3? & some one can tell me were i can find lpcs ?

  2. Bom dia, como será possível contactar o administrador desta página ???? Gostaria de falar com o mesmo se fosse possível por favor !